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There are a few reasons why your foundation has developed a crack(s):

  1. The season in which your foundation was constructed has an enormous impact on the rate in which the concrete dries. If your foundation was poured in the summer during very hot temperatures then the concrete dries very quickly and shrinks and 'pulls' on itself causing cracks.
  2. Another determining factor in cracks forming is the amount of water in the concrete. A higher amount of water evaporating will reduce the original volume in the concrete foundation causing 'shrinkage' cracks.
  3. A less likely cause of a foundation crack forming is settlement in the underpinning of the foundation either in the footings or the soil under the footings. This is less likely as the entire GTA has a high concentration of dense clay soil great for stable foundations but not so great for water run off or absorption.
  4. Another impact on cracks developing is a winter season foundation construction. If there was not enough antifreeze added to the concrete then the water present in it can freeze and expand the volume and cause cracks.
  5. There is also the influence of frost heaving when the soil outside your foundation freezes and expands and exerts tremendous pressure on the foundation. It is this pressure that will also cause a hairline crack to get larger over time.


In almost all cases of foundation cracks, even when there are multiple cracks discovered there is no structural integrity concern. When we inspect your foundation we look for 'shearing'. This occurs when there is a literal drop of one side of the foundation and the crack does not have the typical mirror shape on each side of the crack. fortunately this is a rare occurrence. Again the GTA has a high density of clay in the soil and is a perfect base to build foundation structures on.


All foundation cracks eventually leak, the question is not will it leak but when? The most influential factor of a crack leaking is not necessarily the size of the crack but the ability of the external drainage called the weeping tile system to direct water to flow away from your home . In time the drainage of water from around your home is slowed down with sediment infiltrating the pipes and causing the water pressure to increase outside your foundation and eventually that water comes into your basement through cracks and other issues. If these foundation cracks are not repaired then they will get larger and eventually they become a structural integrity issue and you no longer need water proofing but restoration and unfortunately we cannot assist you any more.


We consistently achieve permanent and lasting repairs to foundation cracks, cold joints, Tie-Rods and 'Honeycombed' foundation issues with our exclusive high-pressure Polyurethane injection system. Accurate Construction Ltd's highly trained technicians have successfully completed thousands of repairs for our clients. Because we use the highest quality Resin and our exclusive 4 stage injection process there is no better repair available. We are constantly called out to re-repair our competitors repair attempts and would welcome the opportunity to serve you and permanently repair your foundation issue.


We are proud to offer a Written, Lifetime(20 year), Transferable warranty for no leaks on all our foundation repairs.


  • EFFLORESCENCE: The white in color, minerals left behind when water has evaporated.
  • FOUNDATION CRACK: A fissure through the concrete from the footing to the top of the foundation.
  • HONEY COMBING: Occurs when the wet concrete is not agitated properly and the rocks(aggregate) is visible.
  • POLYURETHANE RESIN:A closed cell, extremely dense Resin that bonds to cement that Accurate Construction uses.
  • POLYURETHANE FOAM:An open cell, soft, sponge-like, cheap Resin used by our competitors.
  • EPOXY:A hard, inelastic resin used by our competitors attempting to stop water coming in through foundations.
  • TIE-BOLT HOLE:A hole left after the construction of the foundation filled with cork and cement.
  • MECHANICAL PORTS: A aluminum and rubber port that we use to achieve our complete repairs.
  • MONOLITHIC REPAIR: The bridging or repairingof a ruptured structure to make it one or whole again.

  • Never allow water to pool and sit next to the house foundation. Grade yard for proper water drainage.
  • Divert down gutters from below the ground to above ground and divert from the foundation.
  • Do not install decks or patios stones above the foundation where the bricks begin.
  • Maintain window wells drainage properly, do not allow debris and soil to plug the drainage opening.
  • Address any water entering the basement or home immediately as it will worsen the damage over time.
  • Ensure caulking around doors and windows is maintained as these breaches will allow water to enter your home.
  • Cut shrubs & trees from your home as these can direct water through brick vents and deteriorate the bricks.
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